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Review Spotlight: A Cunning Heist by Astrid Arditi


GENRE:   Romantic Suspense



Sloane Harper has sworn off men—for her sanity, and her safety. But with or without men, trouble always seems to find Sloane.

When her ex’s ex-mistress comes knocking for help, Sloane does what she does best : she helps way more than she should. As she investigates London’s art scene, Sloane runs into a very handsome but very shady artist, a quirky bunch of thieves, and a cunning old flame. 
Perhaps Sloane should have sworn off playing private detective instead of men.


A Cunning Heist (Sloane Harper #2)A Cunning Heist by Astrid Arditi
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A digital copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Sloane is happy that she has written men off her life for good after Ethan leaves her in lurch, literally! Fate brings her to encounter her ex-husband's former mistress, and Sloane rolls up her sleeves to help her former rival, much to her chagrin. Saving her gets to be almost a death warrant for Sloane, as she finds herself deeply embroiled in some art scene crimes which she would have stayed away from, had she had a choice. Does she manage to save herself and her former enemy, or does she get to lose something in the process? Does she continue to hate men, or does she forgive Ethan one last time? These are questions I'll leave for you to find the answers to.

Sloane Harper! Easily one of my most favorite female protagonists in recent times. She is just all of us most of the time, and her idiosyncrasies are so laughable and so endearing! I'm terribly glad that the author has chosen to showcase all her characters as flawed and down-to-earth, rather than carving some high-handed characters with lofty ideals. I couldn't help but smile at some of the witty retorts and exchanges. The pace is a great advantage for the book - there is no single dull moment. In fact, it's hard to put it down once you've begun on it. The narrative gets a tad predictable as you know Sloane can never stay out of trouble, but it adds to the book's charm.

If a breezy, pacy, contemporary adventure is your game, then this book fits the genre aptly. Pick it up today!

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Ethan stood before me.

Must have gotten hit harder than I thought. I rubbed my eyes to adjust my vision, wondering why the hell my wrecked brain had conjured Ethan up. As if having my tushy crushed into leather pants wasn’t bad enough.

“Sure you’re not interested?” Ethan’s hallucination smirked. “Feisty Sloane. You know how much I like it.”

Tell that to my hand, I thought as I slapped the hell out of Ethan, or my concussion-caused vision of him.

It wiped the bemused smile off his face. “What the hell was that for?”

“For making me lose my phone!”

And for not calling, not texting, not sending so much as a smoke signal to me for the past six months. For forgetting about me, for leaving me behind without a second glance, alone with the shambles that had once been my life—alone, always alone.

“Come with me,” Ethan intimated, pulling me by the arm.

Same brown eyes, crooked nose, square jaw, same dimple on his chin. Same chestnut hair, though more closely cropped than I remembered. It was Ethan alright. Jerk-face Ethan Cunning, number one on my most hated list.



If Astrid Arditi could have one magical power, it would be to create time—to write, to enjoy her children, to unpack (she’s moved five times in four years), to sleep in, to learn how to cook, and to hit the gym. Or at least, to locate the one nearest her.
While waiting for her magic powers to manifest, she reads, eats way too many cakes, daydream, and thanks her lucky stars for her whirlwind, wonderful life.
Born and raised in Paris, Arditi recently moved to Brooklyn where she lives with her husband and two young children. A Cunning Heist is the second novel in the Sloane Harper series.    



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